About Conformation


In Storyboard Pro, you can export your Storyboard Pro project to Final Cut Pro, an Apple third party editing software, or Media Composer, an Avid third party editing software. You can then make your edits and import the changes back into your Storyboard Pro project using the Conformation feature. The conformation export will produce an XML or an AAF file containing the entire animatic project structure, as well as images of your panels. You can then import the XML into Final Cut Pro and the AAF into Media Composer and it will recreate the animatic.

You can also track the changes in your panels and export tracked panels only.

What is exported:

  • Panels exported as clips in the top composition. Rendering of the first frame of the panel is used as source image.
  • (XML only) Layers can be exported individually in nested clip. Layer motion keyframe is also exported.
  • Transitions type and duration.
  • Sounds clips (start/end frame) and volume keyframes.
  • Camera motion is exported as clip animation.
  • Optionally, all scenes' first frame can be exported as markers.
  • Optionally, panel captions can be exported as clip metadata.
  • Optionally, a scene reference track can be exported. Each clip on this track represents a scene in Storyboard Pro.
  • Other metadata are exported in order to allow the conformation; panel ID, transformation data, project resolution.

What is conformed back:

  • Panels ordering and duration.
  • Duplication of panels; the original panels will be duplicated.
  • Deletion of panels; the original panels will be deleted.
  • New clips are conformed as new panels, source image is imported.
  • (XML only) New layers in the nested sequence are conformed as new layer, source image is imported.
  • Change of transition duration.
  • Change of transition type is conformed if supported by Storyboard Pro.
  • Unknown transitions are imported as dissolves.
  • Adjustments to clip animation are conformed as camera motion. When conformed back, camera motion is optimized and redundant keyframes are removed.
  • (XML only) Adjustments to clip animation in nested clip are conformed as layer motion.
  • Changes to sound clip start time and duration.
  • Add/copy/move/delete sound clips.
  • Delete or add sound tracks.
  • Add/remove/update volume keyframes.
NOTE If your project contains video tracks, they will not be exported for conformation and they will not be affected when importing the edited sequence.