About XML Conformation


In Storyboard Pro, you can export your Storyboard Pro project to Final Cut Pro, an Apple third-party editing software. Storyboard Pro is compatible with the XML format compatible with Final Cut Pro 7.

XML conformation is the most advanced way to conform with Storyboard Pro, since animation layers are supported on export and conform back. You can also create a new layer inside a nested clip in Final Cut Pro, to create a new layer when importing the XML.


Final Cut Pro (or other third party software compatible with FCP XML) have a wide variety of features or effects not compatible with Storyboard Pro. For the conformation to be successful, the XML project must respect some rules and guidelines.

  • The XML sequence imported in Storyboard Pro should have been originally created in Storyboard Pro.
  • The structure of the composition (number of video tracks and order) in Final Cut Pro needs to respect the structure of the XML originally exported from Storyboard Pro.
  • All clips representing a panel need to be on the same video track. Other tracks will be ignored on import.
  • Metadata associated with original clips exported from Storyboard Pro must not be altered.
  • New clips and new layers should use image formats compatible with Storyboard Pro. See Importing Images as Layers for details about supported formats.
  • New sound clips should use sound files compatible with Storyboard Pro. See Importing Sound Clips for details on supported formats.
  • On import, transitions not supported by Storyboard Pro will be imported as Dissolve transitions, timing will be preserved.