Using Pencil Presets

When you select the Pencil tool, its properties and options appear in the Tool Properties view. You can use these properties to change the size of the pencil line, define how the line size responds to pressure on the stylus, how the line acts in relation to other lines in the scene, and how to modify the line’s direction and size after it has been drawn.

The Preview area lets you see a preview of the stroke your drawing tool will make.

Preview Stroke

You can set the minimum and maximum sizes of your tool, which will produce the thick and thin effect on your line. This works with the pressure sensitivity of a pen tablet.

Also, you can optimize the smoothness of the contour of lines. You can modify the central line smoothness of your line using this option. This parameter smooths the initial movement of your line. Increasing the value will result in a smoother line with fewer less control points.

There are several line shapes to choose from. You can select how the start, end, and joints in the pencil line are drawn.

Using the Pencil tool, you can draw invisible lines. This can be useful to draw tones and highlights directly on the character.