Enabling Onion Skin for the Current Layer Only

If your panels contain several layers, you may want to only see the Onion Skin for a specific layer at a time, and ignore all other layers. In Storyboard Pro, you can set up the onion skin to only include artwork for the currently selected layer.

Since layers are different for each panel, and Onion Skin displays the artwork in surrounding panels, Storyboard Pro identifies which layers match the currently selected layer in the current panel by name. Hence, to be able to use this option, your layers must have consistent names across panels. For example, if you only want to display the Onion Skin for a specific character, the layer on which that character is drawn should have the same name across the panels in your storyboard, so it could be named after the character's name. Or, you could decide that the main action is always drawn on a layer named A in every panel.

NOTE Background layers are not displayed in the onion skin, even if the currently selected layer is a background layer.