About the Select Tool Modes

When you use the Select tool, its properties and options appear in the Tool Properties view.

Lasso and Marquee Modes

When selecting artwork, you can use the Lasso mode to make a freehand selection or the Marquee mode to make a rectangular selection.

TIP You can press and hold the Alt key to temporarily switch from the selected mode to the other.

Snap to Contour

When enabled, while moving a selection, the mouse cursor (along with the selection) will snap against the nearby points and contours of your artwork, allowing you to snap parts of your artwork together.

Snap and Align

When enabled, while moving your selection, the rectangular bounding box of the selection will align with the rectangular bounding boxes of other strokes and shapes in your artwork.

Select by Colour Mode

When enabled, clicking on a shape or pencil line will select everything in your drawing that is painted with the same colour.

Select All Drawings in Scene

Click on this to select all the drawings in the current scene simultaneously. You can then manipulate them together. The outlines of drawings in other panels will appear in the Stage view.