About Quick Swap Shortcut


Overriding one tool with another lets you increase productivity by rapidly switching between tools used for short tasks and your previous tool. Most drawing tool shortcuts are accessed using the Alt key followed by another key, such as the Eraser tool which is accessed by pressing Alt + E.

For example, if you are drawing with the Brush tool and need to briefly switch to the Eraser before continuing, hold down the E key while you are erasing. When you are done, release the E key to return to the previous tool; in this case, the Brush tool. You can do the same for most drawing tools that have a shortcut composed of Alt followed by another key.

For a list of keyboard shortcuts, refer to one of the following:

Right-click on the Stage or Camera view to access the contextual menu.
From the top menu, select Tools.
Preferences dialog box, Shortcuts tab: Ctrl + U (Windows) or ⌘ + , (Mac OS X)
Drawing Tools Shortcuts