About Drawing Space Efficiency


Drawing can be time consuming and complicated if you don't take advantage of some of the time-saving features in Storyboard Pro. It starts with turning on the grid to help you determine the size and placement of objects as you draw. For your drawing tool, you can choose from a lasso or marquee type cursor.

With onion skinning, you can see the previous and next drawings, which is handy for referring to for the size, angle and position of the drawing in the current panel.

The light table lets you preview the previous and subsequent active layers in light colours. This is really useful for seeing other layers when designing or cleaning up your storyboard.

You can also quickly swap between two drawing tools by using keyboard shortcuts.

Everything you draw in Storyboard Pro is vector-based. When you draw in the Drawing or Camera view, notice that your lines may appear jagged. This is caused by the fast real-time display called OpenGL. If you prefer to see smooth lines as you draw, you can enable the antialiasing preference.