Adjusting the Curve of a Camera Movement

When you animate a camera movement with more than two keyframes, the path of the camera follows a curve that touches every keyframe in its animation. Using the Keyframes and Control Point toolbar, you can adjust how the path curves before and after each keyframe in the camera's trajectory.

When a camera keyframe is selected, the Keyframes and Control Point toolbar gives you access to three settings that can be applied to that keyframe. Each setting can have a value ranging from -1 to 1. When all fields are set to their default value, 0, the curve is constant and even. Here is an example opf how each setting can affect the camera path:

  • T (Tension): A positive tension will reduce the curve of the path between keyframes. A negative tension will increase it.
  • C (Continuity): A positive continuity will cause the path to curve beyond the trajectory between each keyframes. A negative continuity will have a reverse effect.
  • B (Bias): A high bias will make the curve more straight before the keyframe and more curved out after it. A negative bias will make the curve more curved out before the keyframe and more straight after it.