Snapping to Surface or Ground


When working in Storyboard Pro, you can snap a 2D layer or 3D object to the 3D surface directly below it. Contact between the layer or 3D object is maintained with the surface no matter what changes you make to your selection. This makes it much faster to block out shots and also works with 2D artwork.

When the layer or 3D object comes into contact with the surface, its pivot connects to the 3D surface directly below it if you are moving the mouse. If your selection is a 2D layer, you can move it on the X and Z axes; the Y axis is controlled by Storyboard Pro allowing for quick placement around the ground plane. Also, the layer automatically rotates to be parallel to the surface, which is useful with 2D layers. In the Tool Properties view, you can disable the rotation parameter if you do not want to the rotation to occur.

For both 2D layers and 3D objects, the angle is retained. If needed, you can change the rotation using the rotation controls. When snapping a layer, its lowest point snaps to the 3D surface.