Resetting a 3D Object's Position


If you make changes to the 3D object, such as its dimensions, position, or rotation, and you want to revert back to the object’s original settings, you do not need to delete the object and start over. You have couple of options:

  • You can use the Undo command to undo any of the changes you made to the object or in the panel since the project was last saved.
  • You can use the Reset Transform command to revert to the object’s original settings (position and dimensions).

The Reset Transform command will only affect the selected element, reverting it back to its default dimensions, position, and rotation for all the frames in the panel (First Frame and Last Frame).

When you import a 3D element that contains 3D nodes, all these nodes are in their default position and size/proportion. You can make changes to these nodes, but if you want to reset a node to its default position (undoing all the changes you made), you can restore each node to its default settings.