Navigating the 3D Space

When working in the Stage view, you can quickly navigate through a scene using the mouse buttons or 3D navigation tools.

By using your left, middle, and right mouse buttons, you can rotate around in the Stage view, dolly on the Z axis, and pan the X and Y axes. If you only have access to the left mouse button, such as when using a pen and tablet, you can still navigate easily in 3D space.

To increase efficiency while working with the tools in Storyboard Pro, you can temporarily swap one tool for another—see About Quick Swap Shortcut.

You can get a first person perspective while navigating with the 3D Flying Navigation tool. By using your mouse buttons, mouse wheel, and arrow keys, you can move through 3D space interactively.

When the 3D Flying Navigation tool is active, the cursor (hand) is not visible. You can now navigate through a scene. When you move the mouse, the view rotates around the current view point (instead of around a fixed pivot).

You can move around in the scene by using the following:

The mouse wheel controls the Z axis.
The Up/Down keys control the Z axis.
The Left/Right keys control the X axis.
The Pg Up/Pg Dn keys the Y axis.

You can deactivate the tool by clicking anywhere on the interface.

NOTE When using the 3D Flying Navigation tool with a tablet, the cursor remains visible.