Determining the Scale Factor for a 3D model


Before importing a 3D object, you must consider the scale factor to use. You can calculate the appropriate scale factor for a 3D model by comparing the measuring units used by Storyboard Pro to the ones used by your 3D modeling software.

This can be done by importing a cube that is 1 unit in size, cubed, in your 3D modeling software, into Storyboard Pro. Then, you can adjust this cube's scale factor until it matches a unit in Storyboard Pro.

To be able to match the size of the cube against a unit in Storyboard Pro, you can enable the World Grid, which is a lot like a standard 12 fields grid, except its fields are square-shaped, whereas units in Storyboard Pro are typically shorter vertically than horizontally, to match the 4:3 aspect ratio of legacy standard displays.