Export Movie Window

The Export Movie window lets you export your storyboard and animatic as a movie file which you can share and play back. You can export your movie file in different formats (QuickTime, SWF movie (Flash), jpeg, targa) and as image sequences.

Parameter Description

Destination Path

Destination Path


Lets you specify the location and name of the folder for the exported file.

File Pattern

Lets you set the file name pattern. Leave this field blank to use the default pattern.

Export Movie Format

Movie Format

Lets you specify the format of the exported movie. Choices include: QuickTime (.mov), Flash (.swf), JPEG (.jpeg) and Targa (.tga).

Movie Options

Opens the Movie Settings dialog box which lets you set the parameters for export a QuickTime movie. Some of the QuickTime movie settings will be overridden by the Storyboard Pro project or export settings. See .


Sets the resolution to be a quarter size, half size, or full size of the current storyboard resolution.

One Clip

Exports more than one QuickTime movie clip per scene (which might contain more than one panel) e.g. to obtain better granularity during editing since the storyboard will have smaller movie clips.

Include Transitions

Includes transitions in your export movie files.

Export Range Tab


Exports the entire storyboard.

Selected Scenes

Select this option and click Select to open the Scenes Picker dialog box in which you can select specific scenes to export. You can also select your scenes per sequences if your project contains sequences.

Current Scene

Exports only the currently selected scene.

Current Panel

Exports only the currently selected panel.

Tracked Panels - [0 panel]

Exports panels are marked as tracked. The number of tracked panels will appear beside the option—see About Track Changes.

Burn-In Tab

Print Time Code

Prints the project timecode on the video as an overlay on your video.

Print Scene Names and Panel Numbers

Prints the scene names and panel numbers as an overlay on your video.

Print Additional Duration

Prints an additional duration on your video, defined by the Units and Repeat menu.


Displays additional duration information using Time Code or Frames units.


Displays additional duration information per panel, scene or sequence.

Camera Grid Tab

Project Safety

Prints the safe area on your video.

4:3 Safety

Prints the 4:3 safe area on each panel of your storyboard that has a camera movement.

4:3 Reference

Prints the 4:3 area on each panel of your storyboard that has a camera movement.

Open document/folder after export

Opens the folder after export.