Advanced Merge Storyboard Window

The Advanced Merge Storyboard window lets you merge and replace changed scenes in all the various parts of your project back into the master project.

In order to merge and replace scenes, you must keep a copy of the master project intact.

What is the difference between merging and merging/replacing? When merging a project, two projects are combined into one; each project appears sequentially in the Thumbnails and Timeline views. A merge and replace integrates scene changes back into the master project. Any scenes that were changed are replaced with the new one. As an option, you can keep a copy of the original files for verification purposes.

NOTE: When merging projects, the sounds in the master project will now move in order to sync with the panels.The sounds will follow panels based on their name, therefore, it is important to lock scenes and panels names prior to distributing the different scene's extracts, in order to preserve them.

For tasks related to this window, see Merging and Replacing Scenes.

Parameter Description

List of Storyboard Pro projects

Displays the list of Storyboard Pro project files selected for merging with your current file.

Import Project

Lets you select the Storyboard Pro project files to merge/replace with your current file.

Remove Project

Lets you select any unwanted Storyboard Pro project files and delete them from the list.

Move Up/Move Down

Lets you organize the files into the order in which you wanted them to be imported in relation to your current file.

Select scenes to merge

Select All and Deselect All

Selects or deselects all scenes listed,

Keep and move original scens to the end

Retains a copy of the original scenes, which are placed at the end of the master project. The name of the copy is prefixed sequentially by "1_orig" followed by the original scene name.

Respect locked audio tracks

Ensures that the locked audio tracks will not be synced during the merge and replace. When deselected, audio tracks will be synched regardless if they were locked or not.

Import audio changes from source project

Allows the modifications done in the audio to be applied to the scenes that are replaced.