Pencil Tool Properties

The Pencil tool creates central lines as you draw on vector layers, adding each stroke on top of the previous ones.

When you select the Pencil tool, the Tool Properties view displays the different Pencil modes that control how the pencil line is drawn.

For tasks related to this tool, see About the Pencil Tool and About Pencil Modes.

Icon Tool Name Description

Pencil Properties


Brush Preview

Displays a preview of the selected brush.


Show Extended Properties

Opens the Brush Properties window.


Maximum Size

Defines the maximum width of the line.



On vector layers, defines the number of control points added to the centre line.


Makes the beginning of the line round or flat.


Makes the end of the line round or flat.


Makes joints round, mitred or bevelled.

New Brush

Lets you create a new brush preset.

Delete Brush

Deletes the currently selected brush.

Brush Menu

Lets you access commands for create brush presets, deleting and renaming brushes, importing and exporting brushes, and setting the brush preset display.


Brush Presets

Displays the presets available which depend on the type of layer you select.


Draw Behind

When drawing on vector layers, the Draw Behind mode lets you paint behind existing art. By default, strokes appear over your work until you release the tool. If you want a live preview of your stroke, activate the Realistic Preview option by selecting View > Realistic Preview.


Merges objects and brush strokes into a single layer.

Auto Close Gap

Automatically closes strokes with an invisible stroke.