Paint, Paint Unpainted and Unpaint Tool Properties

The Paint tool has three different modes: Paint, Paint Unpainted, and Unpaint.

For tasks related to this tool, see About the Paint Tool and About Painting Modes.

Icon Tool Name Description

Paint Tool Options


A mode for making a rectangular selection.


A mode for making a freehand selection.


A mode for painting everything the tool touches, including empty and filled zones.

Paint Unpainted

A mode for painting only empty zones. Any line or filled zone will remain unchanged.


A mode for unpainting everything the tool touches, including empty and filled zones.

Apply to Visible Drawings

Applies paint to several drawings on separate layers on the current frame.

Auto Close Gap

The Automatic Close Gap option is used while painting drawings with small gaps. Instead of having to close them manually either with the Brush tool or Close Gap tool, Storyboard Pro will analyse the drawing and close the gaps while you paint according to the selected mode.

There are four modes available: No Close Gap, Close Small Gap, Close Medium Gap, and Close Large Gap

Bitmap Options





Colour Tolerance



Maximum Overlap



Smooths lines as you cut drawings on bitmap layers. When this option is deselected, the cut lines are jagged.