Cutter Tool Properties

The Cutter tool lets you cut a drawing to move, copy, or delete it.

For tasks related to this tool, see About Cutter Modes and Cutting.

Icon Tool Name Description

Cutter Tool Options


A mode for making a freehand selection.


A mode for making a rectangular selection.

Use Mouse Gesture

When using the Lasso selection type, the Use Mouse Gesture option lets you automatically delete any extra sections of line in your artwork by simply dragging your mouse over it.

Tip Style

Lets you select a round, flat, or bevelled tip style.


Smooths lines as you cut drawings on bitmap layers. When this option is deselected, the cut lines are jagged.


Flip Horizontal

Flips the selection horizontally.

Flip Vertical

Flips the selection vertically.

Rotate 90 CW

Rotates the selection in 90 degree increments clockwise.

Rotate 90 CCW

Rotates the selection in 90 degree increments counter clockwise.