Sound Menu

The Sound menu lets you add sound to your storyboard.

Command Description

New Audio Track

Adds a new audio track to the Timeline view.

Delete Current Audio Track

Deletes the current audio track. When you do so, all the sounds in the audio track are also deleted.

Split Clip at Current Frame

Separates a selected sound clip at the current frame.

Show Waveform

Displays waveforms on audio tracks.

Show Volume Envelope

When audio waveforms are displayed, this option displays the playback sound level for each sound clip.

Show Sound Clip Name

Shows or hides the clip name. By default, names are displayed on audio blocks.

Sound Scrubbing

Lets you play sound forwards or backwards as you scrub through the Timeline view.

Overwrite Sound Clips

Select the Overwrite Existing Sound Clips option so that the resulting audio clip will be position in its entire length, overwriting any existing clip positioned in its way.

Change Frame When Clicking on Audio Tracks

Opens the Vectorize Options dialog box when importing bitmap images.

Lock All Audio Tracks

Locks all audio tracks. If an audio track is already locked, the Lock All Audio Tracks command changes to Unlock All Audio Tracks.