Optimize Project Dialog Box

The Optimize Project dialog box allows you to flatten all drawings in your project, remove unused files and reduce the texture size.

NOTE: Strokes drawn with different colours will not be flattened together.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see Optimizing Projects.

Parameter Description

Remove unused elements from the project

As you create a storyboard you will delete panels or layers, update drawings, unlink sounds, and so on. Some of these files are kept for backup purposes, but they take up space and increase the size of your project on your hard drive. This option removes these unwanted elements.

Flatten drawings in the project

Flattens all the brush or pencil line strokes of all the vector drawings in your project. This means that all overlapping strokes will no longer be editable as single strokes, but only as whole, drawn objects.

Reduce texture resolution of all drawings in the project

Reduces the texture resolution and consequently makes the project file size smaller. The resolution is set so it cannot go below 72 dpi.

IMPORTANT: Warning: This cannot be reversed once you have reduced the resolution. These operations cannot be undone, and will empty the undo list.