Merge Storyboard Dialog Box

The Merge Storyboard dialog box lets you reassemble a storyboard project that was split or extracted into several files. By merging several projects into one, you can have one final Storyboard Pro project.

Parameter Description

List of Storyboard Pro projects

Displays the list of Storyboard Pro project files selected for merging with your current file.

Import Project

Lets you select the Storyboard Pro project files to merge with your current file.

Remove Project

Lets you select any unwanted Storyboard Pro project files and delete them from the list.

Move Up/Move Down

Lets you organize the files into the order in which you wanted them to be imported in relation to your current file.


Add Caption

Lets you reinstate a caption if you selected a caption for removal and changed your mind.

Remove Caption

Lets you remove captions to prevent them from being imported into the merged project. Removal will be indicated by highlighting that caption in grey.

Move Up/Move Down

Lets you move the caption text around. If you move a caption from a certain project to a blank row, a new field will be created for this text in the project’s panel window.

Force scene numbering


By default, scene numbers will be updated to avoid numbering conflicts, however you can force the scene's numbering.

Start scene base name

If the Force scene numbering option is selected, enter a number in this field. The number you enter will be assigned to the first scene in the import project list section above.

Use project name as scene‘s prefix

Uses the imported project’s name on all scenes in the new merged file. The scene‘s new name will be its number in the merged file, prefixed by the file it originated from.

Create new soundtracks

Places the sound element from each imported project in a separate soundtrack (row) in the Timeline view. Otherwise, all the sound elements will appear in the same soundtrack in the new merged project.