Export FBX Dialog Box

The Export FBX dialog box lets you export a storyboard project in FBX format which allows you to store any motion data (from element motion or Camera angles/zooms), as well as the 2D and 3D elements in your scene. Once exported to FBX, you can open the storyboard elements in a third-party 3D application and continue to work on them. You would only export these elements to FBX once you are finished with them in Storyboard Pro. Normally, you would not bring these elements back into Storyboard Pro.

Parameter Description

Destination Path


Lets you specify the location and name of the folder for the exported file.

File Pattern

Lets you set the file name pattern.Leave this field blank to use the default pattern.


Export Camera Frame

Includes the camera frame's black border in the scene.

One Clip

Per Scene: Exports one clip per scene.

Per Project: Exports one clip for the entire project.

Per Sequence: Exports one clip per sequence. This option is available only if your project contains sequences.

Export Range


Includes all the scenes in your project.

Current Scene

Includes only the scene you selected when you opened this dialog box.

Open folder after export

Opens the folder after export.