Project Settings Preferences


Parameter Description


Default Panel Length

The default length of a newly created panel (in seconds).

Disable Project Name Length Limitation

For compatibility with Storyboard Pro, the project name length is limited to 23 characters. Selecting this option removes this limitation.

Save New Project in Single File Format (packed file)

Saves new projects in single file format with the following file name extension: .sbpz. The project is saved in a zip file.

Default Field Chart

Sets the field standard for the project.

Bitmap Layers

Default Resolution

Lets you define the default resolution at which bitmap layers are created. The resolution is based on the number of pixels that fit in the camera frame when the camera is at the default position.

NOTE: You can adjust the dimensions of a bitmap drawing layer individually. If you have a camera zoom, for example, then you may want that drawing to be at a higher resolution, so you do not see pixellation when you zoom in. You can adjust this by right-clicking on the layer and selecting Change Bitmap Layer Resolution.

Default Canvas Width

Default Canvas Height

3D Models

Scale Factor

Sets the scale factor when using 3D models in a project.