About Libraries


You can share and reuse any elements you create in Storyboard Pro using templates. Storyboard Pro has a library where you can store several different elements such as characters, sets, props, layers and camera moves.

The Library view lets you reuse artwork and panels in other scenes and projects.

A library is a folder where you store your templates. You can access these folders from different projects. Using the library is easy, just drag the content into the library to store your artwork and then drag it into your Camera, Timeline, or Thumbnails view where you want to reuse it. Organize your library using subfolders. You can keep several different library folders on your hard drive or network.

A template is a copy (instance) of the artwork stored in the library which you can reuse in different scenes. Once a template is stored in the library, you can access it from any project, as many times as needed.

When you import the template, a copy of the artwork is created in the project, but is not linked to the template in the library. This mean you can modify the artwork inside the project without affecting the template it came from.