How to Add Panels

A panel represents an action. You can use multiple panels whenever you need more than one drawing to clearly express the acting within a scene. It is the white rectangle representing the camera view. By default the current panel will be highlighted in red in the Thumbnails view.

When you create a new panel, it is added after the current panel.However, you can create a new panel before the current panel. You can also create a new panel that contains elements (layers) from another panel.

Creating Scenes

A scene is composed of one or several panels. In animation, whenever the camera angle changes, you should create a new scene. In live action, this is called a shot.In other words, if your action goes from a mid shot to a close shot, each of these shot should be a different scene. By default, a grey rectangle connects the different panels of a scene together.

Creating Sequences

By default, when you start building a storyboard, the scenes you create are not part of a sequence. If you want to start adding sequences to your project, you must use the New Sequence button for every new scene beginning a new sequence. This will add a new scene to your project and show the sequence markers in the Thumbnails and Timeline views.

You can also start adding sequences to your project at anytime, using the New Sequence from Selection command, and manipulate them using the different commands in the following topics.

By default, new storyboard projects are created without sequences. You can change this, so that new projects are automatically created with a sequence.

NOTE: When you add a new scene using the New Sequence button or command for the first time in your project, all scenes before it will be combined as a sequence. For this reason, you should use the New Sequence button when starting the first scene of your second sequence.

Reordering Panels

You can reorder selected panels by dragging and dropping them where you see a straight blue line. You can drop the panels between two scenes or in the middle of a scene. Dropping a panel in the middle of a scene will include it in the scene; it will not split it.

If you select more than one panel to move, you can drag them by clicking the current panel in the selection. Clicking any other panel in the selection will deselect the other panels.

You can remove selected panels from a scene. Just drag and drop the panels between two scenes when you see a straight red line appear.

You can join selected panels with another scene. Just drag the panel onto the edge of the scene you want it to attach to, and drop it when you see a right-facing or left-facing bracket appear.