About Select Modes

When you use the Select tool, its properties and options appear in the Tool Properties view.

Lasso and Marquee Modes

When selecting a section of a drawing, you can use the Lasso to make a freehand selection or the Marquee to make a rectangular selection.

In the tool properties, select Lasso or Marquee mode to change the selection style of the tool. Hold down the Alt key to temporarily switch from the selected mode to the other.

Snap Modes

When drawing a shape, you can snap it to any line at which you begin drawing. This helps you set objects in your drawing with greater precision. You can also create objects that snap to an anchor point of an existing object in your drawing.

NOTE: When snapping and aligning objects, it is helpful to display the grid—see About Drawing Space Efficiency.

Select by Colour Mode

You can rapidly select all drawing parts painted or drawn with the colour you click on in the Stage view.

Select All Drawings in Scene

You can select all the drawings in a scene on all layers.