About Cutter Modes

When you use the Cutter tool, its properties and options appear in the Tool Properties view. The four Cutter modes include: Lasso or Marquee, tip style, mouse gesture, and antialiasing.

Lasso and Marquee Modes

When selecting a section of a drawing, you can use the Lasso to make a freehand selection or the Marquee to make a rectangular selection.

In the tool properties, select Lasso or Marquee mode to change the selection style of the tool. Hold down the Alt key to temporarily switch from the selected mode to the other.

Tip Style Mode

You can customize the tip of the line you cut pencil lines on a vector layer.

Use Mouse Gesture Mode

When using the Lasso selection type, the Use Mouse Gesture option lets you automatically delete any extra sections of line in your artwork by simply dragging your mouse over it.

NOTE: For this operation to work, lines CANNOT be flattened.

Antialiasing Mode

When working with the Cutter tool on bitmap layers, you can turn antialiasing on or off. With antialiasing on, the jagged appearance of diagonal lines in bitmap images are smoothed.

NOTE: This option is not available on vector layers.