About 3D Objects


Storyboard Pro brings your animation into the third dimension by letting you import 3D objects into your project. You can place, manipulate, and modify 3D objects and add new depth to your storytelling.

When creating your storyboard, you can import four types of 3D files. The supported 3D file formats are: *.osb, *.3ds, *.obj and *.fbx. When you import a 3D model, it is automatically added to the Library in the 3D Models folder according to its format. You can then reuse that 3D model easily within your project file.

NOTE: It is recommended to use the .fbx format as it allows the textures to be packaged with the model.

When you import a 3D model into your library, each time you drag it into your scene, it continues to refer to the original model (it does not make a copy of the 3D model). The 3D Models library is also local to your project file, so you must import your 3D models in each project file.