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Extracting Parts of your Project into Other Projects


Using the Extract Storyboard dialog, you can extract parts of your storyboard into their ownprojects. This allows you separate your project into smaller projects, each one representing a chunk of the original storyboard. You can then share these extracted projects with project collaborators so that several artists can work on their assigned part of the project simultaneously.

There are two approaches to separating your projects into smaller projects:

  • You can extract all but one part of the project into smaller projects, and keep the remaining part in the current project. Later, you can assemble the extracted projects back with the current project using the Merge dialog—see Merging Storyboard Projects.
  • You can every part of your project into smaller projects and keep the current project as a master project. Later, you can assemble the extracted projects back into the master project using the Merge and Replace dialog—see Merging Projects and Replacing Scenes in the Current Project.