Creating Sequences


By default, when you start building a storyboard, the scenes you create are not part of a sequence. If you want to start adding sequences to your project, you must use the New Sequence button for every new scene beginning a new sequence. This will add a new scene to your project and show the sequence markers in the Thumbnails and Timeline views.

You can also start adding sequences to your project at anytime, using the New Sequence from Selection command, and manipulate them using the different commands in the following topics.

By default, new storyboard projects are created without sequences. You can change this, so that new projects are automatically created with a sequence.

NOTE: When you add a new scene using the New Sequence button or command for the first time in your project, all scenes before it will be combined as a sequence. For this reason, you should use the New Sequence button when starting the first scene of your second sequence.