Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.5 Release Notes

The following describes new features, changes and improvements included in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.5, build

Drawing and Drawing Tools

Feature Description
Drawing Guides

Vanishing points and guides to assist when drawing. Guides can be added and managed from the Guides view. See About Drawing Guides.

Perspective Tool The perspective tool now works with textured vector drawings. See Deforming a Drawing Using the Perspective Tool.
Improved the Perspective tool to project the perspective when modifying drawings.
Generate Auto-Matte Command to automatically generate mattes for selected layers. See Generating Auto-Matte Layers.
Radial Zoom Blur

New type of blur available for bitmap layers. See Blurring Layers.

Directional Blur New type of blur available for bitmap layers. See Blurring Layers.

Brush Tool The maximum brush size has been increased from 500 to 1600.


Feature Description
Conformation Export Project command now supports AAF format to allow the conformation of changes from Avid Media Composer to Storyboard Pro.
New option in the Export Project dialog box called Expand Render Area to Scene Camera. This renders panels using the area covered by the camera on all the panels of a scene.
AAF Export Stereo tracks are exported as a single stereo track rather than two mono audio tracks when exporting to AAF.
Captions Text from captions can be rendered as an overlay when exporting to Bitmap, Movie, EDL, AAF and XML. This is done from the Captions tab of the export dialog box.
Bitmap Export PNG is now available as an export format when exporting to bitmap.
New option in Bitmap Export dialog box called Expand Render Area to Scene Camera. This is used to render panels using the area covered by the camera on all the panels of a scene.
Flip Scenes New functionality to flip all the panels in a scene. See Flipping Scenes.
PDF The option called Rectify Static Camera is now available when exporting PDFs.
It is now possible to export and import PDF profiles. See Exporting Custom PDF Profiles.

Sound Editing

Feature Description
Sound Editing Audio clips under transitions now synch with the transition they are under when changing the duration of the panel.
Improved the display of the waveform on low volume audio clips. The waveform is displayed using a log function rather than a linear function.
New option to allow playing sound past the last panel.
See Play Menu.
Solo mode on audio tracks allows isolating tracks without muting other tracks. See Solo Mode.


Feature Description
Frames New commands to add and remove frames on the selected panels. See Changing the Panel Duration.
Markers Markers can now be added in the timeline. These markers can be added during playback if a shortcut is set to the command. See About Markers.
Audio It is now possible to copy and paste audio on multiple tracks.
Zoom The zoom level in the timeline adapts to the length of the project. You can zoom out to see the full timeline.
Volume Volume keyframes are preserved when splitting an audio clip.

Changes and Improvements

Feature Description
Preferences Preferences from previous version can be migrated when starting Storyboard Pro 5.5 for the first time.
3D Graph View

The 3D Schematic view has been replaced by the 3D Graph view.

Captions A default font and font size can now be set for captions. See Default Caption Format Dialog Box.
TV and Action Safe Guides The TV and action safe guides can be displayed as masks. Click and hold the Safe Area button in the Stage view status bar to switch between display modes.
Project First Frame/Project Last Frame Replaced the go to First Panel and Last Panel with go to the Project First Frame and Project Last Frame.
QuickTime no Longer Required QuickTime is no longer required to import and play back sound in Windows.
QuickTime is no longer required to create movies in Windows. Storyboard Pro can now generate movies in WMV format.
Retina Retina and high pixel density display support. On macOS, OpenGL views do not use retina display.