Panel View

The Panel view displays the different captions related to the current panel, the in, out and duration, and lets you play any voice annotations related to the panel.


For tasks related to this view, see About the Storyboard Structure, How to Create an Animatic and About Storyboard SupervisionIntroduction

Icon Tool Name Description

Panel Information

This section of the Panel view is where information, such as the duration of the current panel, name of the current panel and name of the scene in which it is part of is displayed. It is possible to edit some of the fields—see About the Storyboard Structure.


Selection Information

This collapsible section of the Panel view is where the information, such as the number of selected panels, the in and out of the current selection, as well as the duration of the selected panels. These fields are for reference only; they cannot be edited.

Click the Collapse button to hide the section and leave more room for the Script caption field. Once it is collapsed, you can click the Expand button to display the entire section again.


Voice Annotations

It is possible to add voice annotations to a panel. This collapsible section is used to control and edit these annotations—see About Voice Annotations.

Text Formatting

Displays the Text Formatting toolbar for formatting the text in the Script caption area.

See Text Formatting Toolbar.


When there are two or more panels present, resizes the panel in three different sizes: opens panel fully, opens mid-sized panel or collapses the panel.


Caption Menu

Lets you access commands for adding, importing, deleting and renaming captions. You can also import scripts created in Final Draft—see Creating Projects from Final Draft.


Panel Captions

There are several fields which are collectively known as panel captions. Captions are a method by which you can organize information in your project, and tie that information to a panel. They are fully customizable. These are the default names:

  • Dialogue: Type or copy/paste dialogue from your script that occurs during this shot in the current panel.
  • Action Notes: Type or copy/paste notes related to the action occurring in the panel.
  • Slugging: Add notes referring to the timing of the storyboard. Slugging is the timing of the individual recorded lines of dialogue against the board.
  • Notes: Add anything relevant about the current panel or the shot it represents. For example, the crew working on the shot, required props, ambient sounds, continuity notes or required equipment to complete the shot.

The caption fields are named by default, you can easily change the name of these fields by clicking the Caption Menu button and selecting the Rename Caption option. Once you have changed the names of the captions and you are certain that you want to keep these names throughout the project, you can set the new names as default by selecting Caption > Save Captions Layout as Default from the top menu.