Eraser Tool Properties

The Eraser tool is pressure sensitive, like the Brush tool, giving you more precision when erasing parts of a drawing. You can also use the Select tool to select drawing objects and delete them instead of erasing.

For tasks related to this tool, see About the Eraser Tool and Erasing.

Icon Tool Name Description

Eraser Properties


Brush Preview

Displays a preview of the selected brush.


Show Extended Properties

Opens the Brush Properties window.


Maximum Size

Defines the maximum width of the line.



On vector layers, defines the number of control points added to the centre line.



On bitmap layers, lets you set the rate at which colour flows when drawing.



On bitmap layers, lets you set the transparency of strokes.


Brush Presets

Displays the presets available which depend on the type of layer you select.

New Brush

Lets you create a new brush preset.

Delete Brush

Deletes the currently selected brush.

Brush Menu

Lets you access commands for create brush presets, deleting and renaming brushes, importing and exporting brushes, and setting the brush preset display.