Contour Editor Tool Properties

The Contour Editor lets you reshape vector shapes, brush strokes and lines in your drawings.

Artwork in Storyboard Pro is made of vector shapes.  Vector shapes are defined by points, the lines joining the points together (contours) and the curve vectors, represented by Bezier handles, which make the curve of said lines.

The Contour Editor tool allows you to select a contour or point, and change the position of points, add and remove points from the shape, rotate, lengthen and shorten curve handles to influence the curve of contours between those points, or drag contours between points to change their curve directly.

Since pencil lines are defined by a single line with a line width, you can use the Contour Editor to easily modify the shape of pencil lines. In contrast, brush strokes are full vector shapes, so the Contour Editor can be used to modify their shape.

The Contour Editor can be used to tweak vector artwork in all sorts of ways. It can be used to perfect a pencil line, correct shapes, or create complex shapes out of a basic ellipse or rectangle.

NOTE: If you use the Contour Editor, Perspective or Envelope tool on a textured brush stroke, it will deform its texture to fit the new shape of the brush stroke. Note that this will resample the texture, which is liable to make it lose quality.

For tasks related to this tool, see About Contour Editor ModesReshaping with the Contour Editor Tool and Smoothing a Selection.