Merge Layers Dialog Box

The Merge Layers dialog box lets you combine selected layers. Using the Merge Layers dialog box gives you more control over the way you are merging layers than the Merge Selected Layers command. Among other things, you can pick a name for the resulting layer, specify whether it is a vector or bitmap layer, select the source layers, and more.

  • When merging layers, the animation on all layers being merged is discarded.
  • If you quickly merge a bitmap layer with a vector layer, the resulting layer will be a bitmap layer.
  • Layers containing a 3D object cannot be merged.
  • The artwork in hidden layers is not added to the merged artwork.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see Merging Layers.

Parameter Description

New Layer


Name of the new layer.

Vector Layer

Makes the merged layer a vector layer. If there are bitmap layers in your selection, they will be converted to vector rectangles with a bitmap texture inside them.

Bitmap Layer

Makes the merged layer a bitmap layer. If there were vector layers in your selection, they will be converted to bitmap.

Bitmap Canvas Size

If your merged layer is bitmap, set the Bitmap Canvas Size parameters. Adjust the Width, Height, or Resolution Factor. These three parameters are linked; changing one, changes the others.

Width Factor and Width

Lets you set the width of the canvas by percentage or pixel.

Height Factor and Height

Lets you set the height of the canvas by percentage or pixel.

Bitmap Pixel Density

Resolution Factor

Lets you set the resolution of bitmap layers.

Source Layers

Delete Source Layers

Deletes the source layers.

Remove Invisible Layers

Removes invisible or hidden layers. This option is available only if the Delete Source Layers option is selected. Whether you decide to delete them or not, hidden layers will not be merged, even if selected from the list.