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Importing Images as Layers


As you build your scene, you may want to use bitmap images for backgrounds and overlays. You may also want to import an image as a reference for a vector drawing you want to create. With Storyboard Pro, you can import a variety of bitmap formats (TVG, OPT, PAL, SCAN, SGI, TGA, YUV, OMF, PSD, PNG, JPG, JPE or JPEG) which you can combine with your vector-animated content to create rich and unique graphic styles. You can import a single image (or multiple images located in the same folder) into a new layer.

You can vectorize images upon import. To display the Vectorization Parameter dialog box, see Setting Vectorization Options.

IMPORTANT: Storyboard Pro does not support import of 8-bit CMYK or 16-bit RGB or CMYK format PSD files. You can currently import only 8-bit RGBA format PSD files.