Playing Back Your Animatic

You can preview your project as an animatic in Storyboard Pro at any time during its development process. You will be able to preview visual content, including transformations and transitions, and have it synchronized with sounds using the Playback toolbar.

To preview your animatic in Storyboard Pro:

  1. In the Playback toolbar, click the Sound button.

If you want to see how the shots will look with dynamic camera movement, click the Camera Preview button. You will need this option on to preview Camera moves and transitions. When you drag the red playhead while Camera Preview is enabled, it will adjust the Stage view to match the point of view of the camera.

  1. In the Timeline or Thumbnails view, select the panel where you want the playback to begin.
  1. In the Playback toolbar, click the Play Selection or Play buttons or press [Shift]+[Enter].
  1. To play your project in a continuous loop, click the Loop button.
  1. You may also scroll through the Timeline view by dragging the red playhead.
  1. Select Play > Previous Frame or Next Frame to skip and play back one frame at a time. Or press [,] and [.].