Viewing the Final Lines While Drawing

When drawing on vector layers, the lines may appear jagged. This is the fast, real-time display called OpenGL. If you prefer to see smooth lines as you draw, you can enable the antialiasing.

Full Scene Antialiasing


Full scene antialiasing is generated by your computer’s graphics card. Full Scene Antialiasing is a preference you can turn on or off. By default, the Full Scene Antialiasing preference is deselected.

NOTE: Full Scene Antialiasing parameters are only valid while you work in your scene. This option will not affect the final render.

To customize the Full Scene Antialiasing parameters:

NOTE: This procedure requires you to restart Storyboard Pro.
  1. If you are using Windows, you must enable your graphics card’s antialiasing parameter. Refer to your graphics card manufacturer’s user guide to learn how to do so. For example, the parameters for an NVIDIA GeForce card may look like this:


  1. Open the Preferences dialog box:
Windows: Select Edit > Preferences or press [Ctrl] + [U].
Mac OS X: Select Storyboard Pro > Preferences or press [⌘] + [,].
  1. In the Advanced tab, go to the Full Scene Antialiasing section:
Enable (requires relaunch): Select the Enable option to enable or disable the Full Scene Antialiasing.
Number of samples (Mac OS): Enter the number of samples to be used for the antialiasing process. The number of samples is equivalent to the number of times a pixel will be enlarged to calculate the antialiasing. This is called supersampling. The higher the number of samples, the better the antialiasing quality, but the longer it will take to calculate. The recommended value is 2 or 4.
  1. Restart Storyboard Pro.