Navigation Toolbar

Storyboards can easily become very extensive projects. The Navigation toolbar is there to help you find your way through your storyboard panels and scenes. By default, the Navigation toolbar is not displayed.

To display the Navigation toolbar:

Select Windows > Toolbar > Navigation.

The Navigation toolbar appears in a docked position at the top of the interface.

NOTE: All of these commands are also available from the Play menu in the top menu.
Using the Navigation Toolbar

Using the Navigation Toolbar

Using the Navigation toolbar is really simple, here are the different buttons and what they do.




First Panel Select the first panel of the storyboard.
Last Panel Select the last panel of the storyboard.
Previous Scene Go to the previous scene.
Next Scene Go to the next scene.
Previous Panel

Go to the previous panel.

Press [A].

Next Panel

Go to the next panel.

Press [F].

First Frame

Go to the beginning of the storyboard.

Press [Home].

Last Frame

Go to the end of the storyboard.

Press [End].