Backing Up Projects

As you work on your storyboard project, it is always a good idea to save continuously. At the end of each workday, it is even better to backup your work. The difference between backing-up and saving is that a backup is a compressed version of your project. Backing-up your work provides a safety net against corrupted files and allows you to have several versions of your project at different stages, in case you ever want to go back and work from an earlier point in the production.

This section includes the following topics:

Backing Up Storyboard
Restoring and Opening a Backup File

Backing Up Storyboard

To backup the current version of your Storyboard Pro project:

  1. Select File > Backup Storyboard.

The Create Storyboard Backup window opens.

  1. Browse for a location on your computer to save this backup file. You can also rename it with a date or version number.
  1. Click Save.

An *.sbbkp file is created and saved in the assigned location.

NOTE: The place where you save your backup file (*.sbbkp) does not necessarily have to be the same place where you have your current project file saved. For example, you can save the backup on your company’s server, even though the current version is saved somewhere on your computer.

Restoring and Opening a Backup File

To restore and open a backup file:

  1. Do one the following:
From the top menu, select File > Restore and Open Backup. In the Open Storyboard Backup window that appears, locate, and select the *.sbbkp file.
On your computer, go to the location where you saved the *.sbbkp file and double-click its icon. In the browser window, select a place to save the restored file.
  1. The project opens in Storyboard Pro.