Chapter 11: Introduction

Storyboard Pro is a complete storyboarding software for animated features and TV series, 2D/3D, live action production, video games, or events with advanced features for all your project’s needs.

Whether you are planning an animation, a live action production or an event, Storyboard Pro takes care of your entire storyboard and animatic project. From importing your script and images, drawing, editing captions, all the way to layer and camera movements and sound editing.

Set up your project planning in a true 3D space. With 3D model import, positioning of 2D assets within the 3D space and impressive 3D camera movements.

Storyboard Pro features an extensive set of drawing tools and export options that range from PDF, images, movie files and even third party editing software to fit all of your sharing and production needs.

To learn all about the features available in Storyboard Pro and how to use them in a production context, refer to the following chapters:

Getting Started
Discovering the Interface
Script and Panels
Working in a 3D Space
Adding Colour
Pitching Your Storyboard
Storyboard Supervision
Exporting Your Storyboard
Keyboard Shortcuts