About Animatic Editing Mode

By default, every change you make in the lengths of your scenes and panels will result in subsequent scenes and panels to ripple backward or forward, so as to make sure there is no hole in the timeline.

When Animatic Editing Mode is enabled, you can reposition the in-point and out-point of each panel without affecting anything else in your your animatic. This means that, in this mode, shortening or deleting a panel creates a hole in the timeline in which another panel can be extended, moved or created. You can also delete panels or scenes and leave holes behind instead of rippling subsequent panels backward.

Then, in the gaps you created in your animatic, you can move existing panels, create new panels or resize a panel next to the gap to fill it.

In this way, Animatic Editing Mode makes the workflow in Storyboard Pro more similar to that of a typical video editing software, which may make editing easier for users who are familiar with this kind of application.


Projects with holes in their timeline cannot be opened in versions of Storyboard Pro earlier than 7.