Merging Modified Panels from an Extracted Project

If you have extracted one or several smaller projects from your master project so that several project collaborators can work on different parts of your animatic simultaneously, you can replace the panels in your master prroject with the updated panels in one of the modified projects using the Merge Modified Panels dialog box.

This method is different from the Merge and Replace command in the following ways:

  • You can only merge one sub-project at a time.
  • It will automatically detect panels that need to merged into your master project based on their modification date, or whether or not they are tracked.
  • It replaces individual panels instead of entire scenes.

When merging modified panels from a project into the current project, the following changes are not merged:

  • Deleted panels
  • Changes to camera position and camera movements

If you need to merge such changes, you need to use the Advanced Merge Storyboard dialog box instead—see Merging Projects and Replacing Scenes in the Current Project.