Merging Changes from a Linked Project

Using the Project Management view, you can instantly merge the changes made to a project that was extracted from your master project into your master project. All you need to do is to select the project in the list of linked projects, then click on the Merge Modified Panels from Selected Project button.

However, before you can merge your linked projects, you must select your merge settings in the Merge Settings dialog. You only need to select your merge settings once, and then those settings will be used every time you merge your linked projects. You can also change those settings at any time thereafter.


When merging modified panels from a project into the current project, the following changes are not merged:

  • Deleted panels
  • Changes to camera position and camera movements

If you need to merge such changes, you need to use the Advanced Merge Storyboard dialog box instead—see Merging Projects and Replacing Scenes in the Current Project.