Checking and Updating the Status of Linked Projects

The Project Management view allows you to check on the status of each linked project. This status is displayed in the list of linked project using a colour-coded bullet in the left-most column. The possible colours of this bullet and their meaning are as follow:

  • Gray: The project does not have any modifications to merge.
  • Orange: The project has modifications to merge.
  • Red: The project cannot be found in the location indicated in the Path column.

The status of each linked project is updated when you open your project. However, by default, it does not automatically check for changes to the status of your linked projects. You can manually refresh to status of all your linked project, or you can configure the Project Management view to automatically refresh at a specific interval.

  • If you select a project in the list, its status will be described textually at the bottom of the Project Management view.
  • Selecting a linked project in the Project Management view will not update its status. Hence, if its status colour is not up to date, neither will its textual status at the bottom of the Project Management view.