Storyboard Pro 20.0.2 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Storyboard Pro 20.0.2, build (2021-10-15):


Feature Description
Insert Project

The following methods were added to the PrjMgtManager class to allow inserting projects in the currently opened project:

InsertProject(): Insert the source project before the specified scene.

setCreateNewAudioTrack(): Create new audio tracks in the current project when inserting the loaded project.

setUseProjectNameAsSequencePrefix(): Use the loaded project name as a prefix for inserted sequences.

setUseProjectNameAsScenePrefix(): Use the loaded project name as a prefix for inserted scenes.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this release of Storyboard Pro:


  • Random crash when performing various drag and drop operations under the latest Windows 10 using an NVIDIA Quadro GPU. SB-4324
  • Custom shortcuts set for the Centerline Editor and Polyline tools are lost when the application is restarted. SB-4292
  • Storyboard Pro sometimes crashes when using the trackpad on a MacBook Pro. SB-4136
  • Changing the duration of a panel takes about 5 times longer than in previous versions when working in large projects. SB-4124

PDF Export

  • The dialog to add revision notes appears twice when exporting to PDF. SB-4353

  • Page Duration is always printed as 00:00 in the footer. SB-4157

  • Project copyright is not printed in the page footer. SB-4127

  • PDF Export Full Page profile has the wrong font set for captions by default. SB-4133


  • Camera positions are lost when importing an XML or AFF in which clips were trimmed in the editing software. SB-4383
  • SB_PANEL_TRACKING_DATE and SB_CAPTIONS metadata are missing when exporting an XML or an AAF. SB-4120


  • Movies generated using the exportToMovie()function from the ExportManager class in batch mode don’t have audio. SB-4359

  • Rendered images are randomly expanded to frame all the camera frames when using the exportToFCPXML function from the ExportManager class. SB-4328

  • currentVersionName is missing from the project class. SB-4159