Storyboard Pro 20.0.1 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Storyboard Pro 20.0.1, build 20.10.1. 16823 (2021-03-09):

Changes and Improvements

  • A new option is now available in the Generate Auto-Matte dialog to choose whether or not the newly generated layer is selected upon creation. The new Select Newly Created Layer option is only available when Create Matte on New Layer is selected.

  • Changing the duration of a panel from its start is no longer possible when Animatic Editing Mode is disabled. Editing the duration of a panel from the start using the mouse is still possible when Animatic Editing Mode is enabled or when holding down the CTRL (command on macOS) modifier to switch from ripple edit (yellow pointer) to non-ripple edit (red pointer) mode.

  • The waveform for both audio channels are now displayed in the Timeline for stereo files.


The following issues have been fixed in this release of Storyboard Pro:


  • Random crashes when drawing straight lines with the Pencil tool by pressing SHIFT. SB-3980

  • Paint fills on some bitmap layers are red when Apply to Visible Drawing Layers is enabled. SB-3962

  • Delay drawing with the Brush tool when using a mouse or a drawing tablet that has a high polling rate on macOS. SB-4018

  • Random crashes while drawing using a textured brush on some systems. SB-4048


  • Drawing is forbidden in the selected panel after clicking in an audio track. SB-3803

  • Duplicating a panel marks all panels in a scene to be marked as modified when Auto Tracking Mode is enabled. SB-3325

  • Pasting a drawing object does not work when the focus is in the Timeline view. SB-3999

  • Moving camera keyframes in the Timeline causes the ease in and ease out values to change. SB-4015

  • Opacity animation is duplicated when using the Split Panel at Current Frame command. SB-3815

  • Changing the duration of a transition from the Panel view causes markers with a duration of 1 frame or longer to disappear. SB-3934

  • Templates created from imported PDF files create single frame panels when dropped in the Timeline. SB-3981

  • Creating animation keyframes from the Timeline while multiple layers are selected only creates keyframes on the first selected layer. SB-3969

  • Importing an image fails if the playhead over empty frames in the Timeline. SB-3978

  • Frame offset value is not displayed when dragging a camera keyframe in the Timeline. SB-4027

  • Crash when selecting a layer if the focus is on a video or audio track and that the track does not contain a clip at the current frame. SB-4060

  • Crash when pasting a panel a second time after undoing if there is top or side view in the workspace while the Transform tool is selected. SB-3975

  • Cannot reduce a panel’s duration freely when one of its layers has in and out ease values on its animation keyframes. SB-4073

  • Storyboard Pro hangs when dropping a template or a clip at the end of the storyboard track if there is a transition between the first and second scene. SB-3977

  • Marker duration changes when panel duration is changed and that Ripple Markers is enabled. SB-3951

  • Some operations cause markers to ripple even when Ripple Markers is disabled. SB-4051

Video Tracks and Video Track Layers

  • Dropping a 3D model in a video clip does not prompt to use as a 3D Model or to Render to 2D. SB-3983

  • 3D models in clips cannot be manipulated with the Transform tool. SB-3877

  • Opacity keyframes don’t move when changing the duration of a clip. SB-3902

  • The previous clip is added to the selection when shift + click the first frame of a clip. SB-3901

  • The Merge Layer command should ignore movie layers instead of removing them. SB-3926

  • Dropping grouped layers in a video track creates an empty clip. SB-3959

  • Layer animation is lost when dragging and dropping layers into a video track. SB-3957

  • Opacity animation is lost when using the Split Clip at Current Frame command. SB-3816

  • The Create Layer on Surface tool doesn't work on 3D models in video clips. SB-4017

  • Crash when selecting a movie layer after renaming a video track. SB-4045

  • Animated transformations are lost when splitting a video clip. SB-4049

Audio and Effects Stack

  • Using the Split Clip at Current Frame command enables all the effects in the newly created clip. SB-3940

  • Some volume keys are lost when splitting an audio file. SB-3854

  • Multi-selection using Shift in the Effect Stack is not working properly. SB-3961

  • Editing the values of audio effects by clicking and dragging in the Effect Stack does not work properly on macOS. SB-4043

Cached Playback

  • Generating frames for the playback cache is slower when the Timeline is visible on macOS. SB-3885

  • If a project does not have any audio clips, scrubbing in the timeline will make the software crash when Playback Mode is set to use a Blackmagic Design device and that Audio Scrubbing is enabled. SB-3979

  • Audio is doubled when using a Playback View and that audio is set to output on Blackmagic Design device. SB-3868

  • There is a big delay when starting a playback if the project Info overlay is enabled in cached playback. SB-4093

PDF Export

  • Custom page format is not applied properly when exporting to PDF. SB-4001

  • The camera mask is not printed in scenes that have a static camera. SB-4041

  • Export to PDF dialog becomes unresponsive after changing the colour of the camera mask on macOS. SB-4042

  • Storyboard Pro crashes when attempting to export a PDF Profile. SB-4059


  • ExportManager::exportToAAF/XML does not support captions overlay. SB-3324

  • Scripted export doesn't work when using setUseSelectedPanels. SB-3958

  • Crash when using exportToNLE in batch mode. SB-4006

  • Crash when calling exportToHarmony in batch mode. SB-4007

  • Crash setting the current tool preset using a script if there's a hidden layer. SB-4034

  • TB_ChangePanelDuration script does not work. SB-4038

Open GL

  • Stage and Camera views don't refresh when FSAA is off on macOS using Iris Pro Graphics 6200. SB-3967

  • Memory leak when overlays are displayed in the Stage view or Camera view. SB-3993

UI and Miscellaneous

  • Storyboard Pro crashes on systems that have CPUs with 128 logical cores or more. SB-4009

  • Detached views that are not on the main monitor always go back to the main monitor when reloading. SB-3872

  • Poor performance when clicking caption boxes in the Panel view when there is a large script in the Storyboard view. SB-3881

  • The Text tool and the Burn-In preferences are missing some fonts on macOS since Catalina. SB-3833, SB-3840

  • Difficult to see the active state of buttons when using the light UI mode on macOS. SB-3255

  • Expand and collapse arrows in the Library, 3D Graph and Effect stack blend with the background when using the dark UI mode on macOS Big Sur. SB-3888

  • Some shortcuts stop responding after clicking the Cancel button in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. SB-3350

  • The content of the Stage and Camera view shift when a panel contains too many layers for the space available in the layer list and that the scrollbar appears. SB-4071

  • Dropping a template in an existing panel clears the layers’ metadatas and causes grouped layers to disappear. SB-4039