Model View

Once you have a fully painted drawing, you can use it as a colour model and load it in the Model view. This drawing can be used and loaded in any of your Storyboard Pro scenes.

Once a drawing is loaded in the Model view, you can use the Colour Eyedropper Dropper Tool tool to select a colour from the model and use it to paint in the Camera or Drawing view without having to pick the colour from the colour palette.

Icon Tool/Command Description

View Menu

The View menu contains all the tools and options that you can use to manage models.

Previous Model

Allows you to navigate backwards from the currently displayed model, to view other models previously loaded into the Model view.

Next Model

Allows you to navigate forwards from the currently displayed model, to view other models loaded afterwards into the Model view.

Import Model

Opens a browser window to locate and select *.tvg drawing files from outside the project. Once selected, these drawing files are imported into the Model view as models.


Use Current Drawing as Model

Imports the drawing from the currently selected layer into the Model view. This layer can be selected from the Camera, Stage, Layer or Thumbnail views.


Load Default Models

Requires the creation of a folder named models in your primary project folder. This folder then needs to be populated with *.tvg drawing files. Once these 2 steps are complete, this menu command allows for the import of any of these drawings files from the models folder into the Model view.


Clear Model

Removes the currently displayed model from the model view.

Zoom In

Zooms in the view.

Zoom Out

Zooms out the view.

Reset Zoom

Resets the view’s zoom to its default position.

Reset View

Resets the view to its default position.

Rotate View CW

Rotates the Camera view 30 degrees clockwise, like an animation table.

Rotate View CCW

Rotates the Camera view 30 degrees counter-clockwise, like an animation table.

Reset Rotation

Resets the view’s rotation to its default position.


Allows you to select and reposition, scale, rotate and skew brush strokes, pencil lines, shapes and other parts of your artwork.


Allows you to cut a part of your artwork, then reposition, scale, rotate and skew it.


Allows you to select a colour by clicking on a colour in your artwork.


Allows you zoom in and out of the Model view.