Select Project Dialog Box

The Select Project dialog box appears when you open a project in Storyboard Pro Packed File (.sbpz) format which contains several versions of the project inside it.

If you are trying to open a project in the regular Storyboard Pro Project (.sboard) format, each version of the project is its own .sboard file in the project directory. Since an .sbpz file is a single file containing a whole project and all of its versions, this dialog allows you to select which version to open after Storyboard Pro extracts the project files from the .sbpz file.


If you open an .sbpz file that contains a single project version, Storyboard Pro will automatically select this version and open it.

Name Description
Version list

The list of project versions in the project. This list will contain one item for each .sboard file found inside the .sbpz file as well as the date of its last modification.

Open Opens the selected project version.
Cancel Closes the dialog and cancels opening the project.