Audio Gain Dialog Box

The Audio Gain dialog box allows you to set or adjust the gain effect on one or several sound clips.

Gain is similar to volume in that it affects how quiet or how loud a sound clip plays. It is different from volume in the following ways:

  • Gain is applied to sound before volume.
  • Gain can be used to amplify, and even saturate, a sound clip.
  • Gain is an effect. It can be adjusted and removed. It cannot however be interpolated over time like volume.
  • Gain can be set or adjusted simultaneously for several sound clips.
Name Description
Set Gain to:

Select this option is you want to set the audio gain for the selected sound clips to a specific value, regardless of their current gain value.

TIP Setting the audio gain of a sound clip to 0 will remove its gain effect.
Adjust Gain by: Select this option if you want to increase or decrease the audio gain of the selected sound clips relative to their current gain value.
OK Apply the audio gain to the selected sound clips and close the dialog.
Cancel Close the dialog without affecting the audio gain of the selected sound clips.