About Saving

It is important to regularly save your project. To make sure you don't forget, you can configure Storyboard Pro to automatically save your project at a specific interval.

To save the current state of a project as a new one, you can use the Save As command. The Save As window prompts you to give a new name and choose a different location to this project before saving it. This will create a complete project directory for the new project.

If you want to keep several versions of your project without making copies of all of its content, you can also save your project as a new version. This simply reates a new .sboard file inside your project directory. Each .sboard file can serve as a separate version of your project. All .sboard files for a given project share the same drawings, sound clips, video clips and the same palette. What is preserved in each .sboard file is the structure of panels, scenes, sequences, acts, layers, the timing of panels, layer and camera animations, sound and video tracks and the placements of clips inside them.

A Storyboard Pro project is composed of many small files. Each drawing in a project is a file, which may result in projects containing over 10,000 files. This can quickly fill your storage solution with a high number of files, straining the file system and backup process. You can reduce the number of files and protect the integrity of projects by saving (packing) the project in a single file. A packed project file is appended with the .sbpz extension.